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The GSO Framework

To help research infrastructures (RI) determine how close they are to being “global”, the GSO developed a “Framework” that identifies a set of 14 key principles (criteria). Any RI can use the Framework, although it primarily concerns GRIs and National Facilities of Global Interest (NFGI):

  • The GSO framework defines a GRI as a facility whose governance and services are fundamentally international in character.
  • A National Facility of Global Interest is defined in the GSO Framework as a facility with unique capabilities that attract wide interest from researchers outside of the host nation.

If you believe your facility is a GRI or a NFGI, you can download the GSO Framework and self-assess your alignment with each of its criteria.

Why assess your alignment with the GSO Framework?

  • Self-awareness:
    • You can identify your strengths and weaknesses as a GRI.
    • The Framework draws your attention to some potentially neglected issues.
    • It helps you set priorities, decide which areas you should focus on, and how.
  • Communication and outreach:
    • Showing that you are a GRI increases your international visibility and helps you establish partnerships.
    • It increases your attractiveness, both as an employer and as a host for visiting researchers.
    • Your funding agencies / sponsors may consider it an asset.
    • It serves internal communication purposes, fostering staff adhesion to a common goal.