Using the GSO framework to help your infrastructure

Global Research Infrastructure (GRI)

The GSO framework defines a GRI as a facility whose governance is fundamentally international in character. 

If you believe your facility is a GRI you can download the current GSO framework and self-assess your alignment with each of its 14 criteria.

The framework is considered a living document so all research infrastructures are encouraged to check the GSO site regularly for the latest international good practices.

National Facility of Global Interest

This is defined in the GSO Framework as a facility with unique capabilities that attract wide interest from researchers outside of the host nation. If you consider this the case for your facility, the GSO encourages you to do a self-assessment against the GSO Framework. 

Current examples of self-assessments:

Declaration of Intent

You can voluntarily document your alignment with the principles of global excellence-driven access (gEA,Framework Criteria 8) by downloading the Declaration of Intent (doc).  

You can sign this declaration and use it for your own policy, management or communication purposes.  

Please also send a pdf copy of the signed declaration to the GSO secretariat for safekeeping.